Huawei MTK Unlock

Supported Phones

  • ZTE Z221
  • ZTE Z431

Before you start.

  1. Download, install & Run the Samsung & ZTE Client
  2. You will also need to enter your username and password and click “save login data”
  3. Make sure “main Server” is selected under the settings tab
  4. Make sure you click “Save Login Data”

please make sure if you copy and paste or enter User details manually that you do not inadvertently put a space at the beginning or the end of the user name or the password, this will cause the message “unable to get balance or counter zero”.


IMPORTANT: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.
You must run the unlock client as administrator (right click on the shortcut to run the unlock client and select “Run as Administrator”)
This will prevent the "Unable to extract to Disk" Error, when starting the software.

Step 1. Prepare the phone.

  1. Power on the phone without a SIM card (the SIM must be removed).
  2. Connect to your PC via USB Cable
  3. Install the drivers (available here: ZTE USB Drivers)
  4. Select the COM Port in the Unlock Client "ZTE Diagnostic Port"
  5. Press "Unlock" in the unlock client