Dell Aero Unlock

Before you start.

  1. Run the unlock client from “START > Multi Unlock Client > Unlock Client”
  2. You will also need to enter your username and password and click “save login data”
  3. Make sure “main Server” is selected under the settings tab
  4. Make sure you click “Save Login Data”

please make sure if you copy and paste or enter User details manually that you do not inadvertently put a space at the beginning or the end of the user name or the password, this will cause the message “unable to get balance or counter zero”.

Multi Unlock Client User Details

IMPORTANT: Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.
You must run the unlock client as administrator (right click on the shortcut to run the unlock client and select “Run as Administrator”)
This will prevent the "Unable to extract to Disk" Error, when starting the software.

Dell Aero Unlocking

Once the software is running go to the tab “Dell” tab

If you have not previously installed the drivers for Dell/ Android please click on the “Install Drivers & Help” Button on the Dell Tab of the unlock SW. Follow the driver install wizard that appears.

Unlock Instructions
If there is no ADB mode in the list, at step 1 below then enable USB Debugging mode in Application –

  1. Power on, wake up the phone from screen lock, connect cable, select ADB mode on the phone.
  2. Click “Unlock” in the unlock SW.
  3. Now follow the instructions on the unlock software
  4. When all steps are complete your unlock code will be displayed in the unlock sw

Put a SIM in the phone it does not accept when prompted, please use Network Unlock Code, if the phone asks for a second code then use Network Subset Code)


Trouble Shooting:-

Access violation error:
This is caused when the wrong drivers are installed. You can install these manually by doing the following:- (for 64 byte pc you need to install the x64 drivers)

  1. Go to C:\program files\Multi Unlocker Client\Support\Dell5
  2. InstallDellMSync.exe
  3. Either AMSS-win7-x86 or AMSS-win7-amd64 according to which OS you are using


Dell Venue Installing Drivers & help

The Unlock client helps you to install all drivers that are need to unlock your Dell Venue, this is a 4 step process.

  1. First install the main driver pack
  2. Place the phone in “fast boot mode”
  3. Check fastbooot mode drivers are installed.
  4. Power on the phone with USB Debugging enabled (Go to Settings->Applications->Development and enable USB Debugging)
  5. Install AMSS Drivers.

Dell Streak Driver Check for Unlocking